Tilly’s Story

We are please to introduce you to Tilly, who has come onboard as an Apprentice Support Worker – studying a level 2 in Adult Health and Social Care.

Tilly was introduced to NCCN through a Health and Social Career Taster Day here earlier this year to discuss the variety of work options and career opportunities available. Wasting no time she applied immediately and we have supported her to enroll onto an apprenticeship which suits her learning style with Yorkshire Training Partnership Ltd

We can see Tilly doing big things in the future and look forward to seeing her flourish in her career! When we asked her why she wanted to work in Health and Social Care this is what she had to say:

“The opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s life is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. When I think about why I love doing care work and learning, one word comes to mind; connection.

Care work allows me to connect with individuals on a deep personal level. Whether it’s providing physical assistance, emotional support or simply being there to listen. Witnessing firsthand the transformation in people’s lives in another person. It brings me so much happiness to help individuals grow, heal and thrive. Each milestone achieved, no matter how small, represents a triumph over adversity and being part of that journey is truly humbling.

The sense of fulfilment I feel when I see the smile on someone’s face or witness their newfound confidence can’t be put into words. Care work allows me to instill hope and make a positive difference in people’s lives during their most vulnerable moments. I believe that everyone deserves compassionate care regardless of their circumstances. The sense of gratitude and appreciation I receive from those I care for is incredibly humbling. Knowing that I have played a part in improving someone’s quality of life fills my heart with immense joy.

The bonds formed with individuals and their families through care work are often lifelong connections, and the impact extends for beyond the specific moments of care.”