Learning Disabilities

Our service has grown in strength and reputation and now provides a full range of support, succeeding due to thorough in-depth training and consistent teams of staff who understand people’s support needs.

When a care package commences, the Learning Disability Team Coordinator, Karl Brown, will visit you to discuss your care needs in detail, creating a strength-based approach care plan alongside the assessment team which acts as the basis of your provision. For complex services where behavioural management is required, our team of senior care staff will work with you, extending the assessment period to ensure that we have a complete knowledge of the best ways of working with you to ensure your quality of life. If a person has any associated physical health conditions, our other Registered General Nurse, Emma Sowden will work with the team, participating in assessment and training aspects.

Care staff are carefully selected for your service and you can be involved in the selection process. A “getting to know you” period is essential so that the whole family feels settled and relaxed with the people who will be providing the care. These staff members will work alongside the senior support workers. Your staff team has training specifically around your needs and only staff known to you will be used in your team.

If you have a personal budget, using our service helps you to stay in control but takes away the hassle of payroll and other personnel tasks. Brendan Dean, our qualified in-house accountant oversees all financial issues, and Andrew Luckett, Chartered MCIPD ensures compliance with all personnel legislation. We are experienced working with people who choose to use their individual budgets in different ways and we will help to find new activities that you enjoy.

We can work with you wherever you live and give you whatever level of support you need from an hour to full 24-hour care. You may require support such as:

    • Someone to go to social activities with

  • Help around your home with general day-to-day activities
  • Assistance with making your needs known
  • To make sure you are safe when you access the community
  • Support when you go to the Day Centre
  • 24 hour support so you can live in your own home, receiving help with all aspects of life, wellbeing and behaviour

If you live in your own home, or would like advice and support to move into your own accommodation, we can work with you and your family to help you make this happen. We are able to support you in your own home, so you are able to make friends, go to work, attend any social groups you would like to and even go on holiday either on your own or with your friends.

Someone from our team is available 24 hours a day to give you or your support worker advice, so that if you need extra help for any reason we can arrange that for you.

For more information please contact us on 01430 876000