Our Values

Our Values are:

Trust – you can trust us to provide safe and reliable care and compassion for  you or your family member in their own home. The NCCN management team are available at all times to offer support and reassurance. 

Respect – We involve individuals and their family members in all aspects of the care from the initial assessments right through to the delivery of care. To ensure that each person feels their wishes are listened to and they are treated with dignity and compassion.

Excellence – From our helpful office team to the staff in the community we work together to ensure we offer the highest quality service, using relevant and reputable training on a continuous basis alongside a strong liaison with outside professionals.

Kindness – Our team have a genuine concern for the well-being of individuals receiving care. It goes beyond the basic provision of services, encompassing a thoughtful and considerate approach to addressing the emotional and personal needs of each person.

Our values are the tread that is woven through our every day practices from the office based teams on hand to offer support and assistance to the community based team members providing the frontline care. We believe that with these  values provide NCCN team members with the foundations to provide a high quality service. Collaborating with individuals, their families and professionals using a strength-based approach to empower individuals in managing their care to support them to achieve their own goals and aspirations.