Home Care

We deeply understand the challenges that arise when making decisions regarding the future care of elderly individuals.

Our mission is to guide you through this process, exploring potential care solutions and funding options tailored to your needs.

With the guidance of skilled professionals and the right assistance, older adults can maintain their independence at home, minimising the necessity for residential care.

At NCCN, our focus is on empowering individuals and involving them and their families throughout their journey. Our care provides is a pivotal role in aiding recovery post-hospitalisation or after incidents like falls, preventing health decline, and promoting overall well-being and autonomy. We achieve this by threading our values of Trust, Respect, Excellence and Kindness throughout our practices and prioritising choice and a strength based approach, suggesting appropriate assistive technologies.

We also strive to foster community and social connections, which are vital for self-esteem and sustaining personal interests.

Led by qualified nurses, our Assessment Team will visit you to comprehensively explain our services. Given that NCCN employs skilled nurses and managers across all services, we offer a comprehensive array of care options, specialising in complex conditions such as dementia, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease (including respiratory support), holistic end-of-life care, advanced mobility assistance, diabetes management, and stroke care encompassing physiotherapy exercises.

Ways we can support:

  1. Support during Challenging Times of the Day: This involves aiding morning routines, including bathing and breakfast preparation; preparing nutritious lunch and dinner; and assistance at bedtime. Additionally, we offer support with medication administration, personal and continence care, and mobility assistance.
  2. End-of-Life Care: Our qualified nurses and Assessment Team collaborate closely with families, GPs, District Nurses, and Macmillan Nurses to deliver holistic end-of-life support. Our care staff are trained to cater to both the physical and emotional needs of service users and their families during these trying times.
  3. Dementia Care: Many individuals with dementia prefer to remain in their homes, close to their loved ones and community. Our experienced Assessment Team engages with families to determine needs, explain our support services, and introduce available resources. For those seeking flexibility, our Individual Support Fund, managed by NCCN, provides the necessary financial support.
  4. Respite/Short Breaks: We can organise 3-4 hour respite sessions to offer family caregivers a break from their responsibilities. During these sessions, the same care staff member visits weekly to provide social support, engaging activities, and ensure the safety of the individual.
  5. Nighttime Support: Our services extend to nighttime as well, offering peace of mind for family members. We can arrange for a care staff member to stay overnight in a spare bedroom to assist with various care needs, or for more complex cases, staff can remain awake throughout the night. Assistive technology such as vibrating bed sensors or alarms ensure prompt response if needed.
  6. Accompanying to  Appointments: With an existing care plan, we offer transportation and companionship for medical visits. Hospital and doctor appointments can be daunting, and our presence enhances understanding and emotional well-being.
  7. 24-Hour Support: We provide a round-the-clock support service, connecting you to qualified nurses and managers whenever required.

Please contact to us by giving us a call to discuss your care needs, explore our support services, and arrange an initial assessment.