Kesha Addy – Recruitment And Hr Officer

I have been with Meadow Lodge Home Cares Services since May 2016. I started my journey at Meadowlodge in a part-time Admin Support role. I am now the Recruitment & HR officer and deal with all aspects of the recruitment processes and administrative duties. This is my first employment within the care industry, though I gained vast transferrable skills when I previously I have worked in hospitality management and administrative roles.

The things that I enjoy about working at Meadow Lodge Home Care Services are the friendly and approachable working environment, but the best thing ever is when a new carer comes on board and they are amazed at how much they enjoy the Carer role, and some wished they had made the move into Social Care much earlier in their careers. It really does give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I think most people have a disillusioned idea of what it means to be a carer, and you can never know until you have tried it.